– Why should I sell my home or property to Ridgemoor?

Being a St. Louis based real estate company, we study the market in your area. We eliminate many of the pitfalls associated with selling property.  We pay cash, we offer no appraisals, we buy as is – no repairs, we require no municipal inspections. Our goal is to make this a stress free process.

– How does the process work when selling my home or property to Ridgemoor?

The process is simple!

– Call us at 314-909-9400 or fill out the contact information here.
– We will contact you ASAP to schedule a 15 minute walk through of your property..
– Once there, we evaluate the property and gather necessary information to give you an offer…if we agree on a price we BUY your home. We can also answer any questions you may have about the process.
– We close at your convenience.

– What goes in the decision of determining price for my home or property?

A lot of factors go into determining the best offer for your home or property. We look at the current condition, including any repairs required; time necessary to complete any renovations as well as the retail value  in comparison to others in your area.

Once we discuss all of these factors, we make sure to offer you the best cash price for your property…again, we make it easy for you!

– Are there any fees or costs associated with selling my home or property?

No! When we buy your property,  it’s an as-is contract.  There are no fees, costs or commissions involved in the process of selling your home!

– How much experience does Ridgemoor have?

We here at Ridgemoor have been in the field of house, apartment and commercial buying since 1996, our staff has over 60 years of combined experience. We’ve purchased 3,000+ properties in the St. Louis metro area. We have a proven track record and we rehab with our own crew.

– How is giving my information treated?

We understand the importance of privacy and all information provided to us is kept confidential.